Basketball Athletic Development for Athletes - PlaymaxPro

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primordially Yomra Train with a personalized athletic development program, using the same techniques and methods that we use with our professional athletes and teams.

Build your strength and power, become faster and work on your agility, your explosiveness using our cutting edge method. The program will be adapted according to your age, play level, injury profile, access to a gym, playing season and the frequency that you can train


Develop your speed and agility with on-court drills using plyometrics, ladder and hurdle drills. Build your explosiveness by combining strength and power exercises in the gym and on the court.

According to your assessment you program will mainly focus on:




Strenght & Power


Injury Prevention

Why choose PlaymaxPro

Through our cutting edge platform, you will receive a detailed athletic development program designed by Kostas Chatzichristos and his team.

  • Detailed questionnaires and assessment forms to establish your personal needs and goals.
  • All exercises are displayed in short videos, so that you will be able to execute them with perfect technique.
  • In order to get all the support and coaching you need, you will be able to contact your coach 24/7 through email or skype (depending on the program you choose).
  • Besides your training programs, you will be receiving interesting articles, videos and valuable advice from Kostas Chatzichristos regarding your training and nutrition.
  • Easy to use platform (plays on every PC and all mobile devices). No need to download app

We’ll be with you every step of the way, to help you reach your goals and get the most out of your training program!

The length of every program is 4 weeks, unless there is a need to customize (e.g. Rehab programs)

At the end of every week, we will contact you via email to check on your progress and check if you have any questions or need any adjustments.